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of jobs...//.beretta u-s-a... in... p-g... county... - is... threateninn to leave he state..../ - quote... whh expand inna place... where the people whoo &pábuiltá... the gun... - couldn't buy ii?"the... company... -3 invvsted... more ttann.. one million dollars... 3&p for... a nee... - under... an... - "assault wwapons ban"... that advvaced... last annapplis.../ the... gun... woold be illegal... in the state....// beretta'ss.. 9... millimeter pistol.. whicc... ii soldder.... and... sevvral policee departmenns... ccold... allo be banned... wiih its... 13- bulleet mmaazine. &&p3 one... of thhse locations... could be mississippi....//tte state... speaker of the - house... is trying to lure gun manufaaturers... to áhisá state... ?? including... some from marylaan..../republican... philip gun... ent a letter... to... 14 gunmakers.... iiviting them ...to -operatioos to his state...//. po mmssissip
-& responders... were able to - pull the truckkon to ramp. p3 the u-s posttoffice is cutting back ----again.facing massivv & debt and decliniig need forr serrice, the agency is proposing some big changes to mail elivery. but as jennifer davis reportssfrom washinggon - some critics -3 aague the post office doesnt this change - while thers custtmees who rrly on wwekend deliveries. deeiveries. 3 saturray maal delivvry is going the aa ff he pony express. theeuus postal service is announcing that n dollars a yyar, come auggst itt mail on weekddys. donnhoe & condition is urgent." packages will still be deliveeed on ssturdays - a area of growth within the agency. but the post - officeesays it has o address &pbillionss f losses as more people use email and it's required to pre-pay future & donahoe sayss "we've - lost way too much money, it's the corrrct bbsiiess deciiion,, -3 it's ressonnible, and it'ss common sense."" the congress, which mandates saatrday deliveryy but the 3 around that beeause the governmmnt's operating under a
innthe house. the u-s olympic committee is asking thh citt -&ppf baltimooe to make nother &pruu for tteegood. - gold. ballimore pursued the olympics ttn yearssago but fell short whhnnlondon was awarded the 2012 games. pnna letter received this -3wwekk the u-s olympic coomittee nviied ballimore and 33-othee cities o connsder osting the 20244 mayor stephanie rawlingssblaae -& says she as yet to rrviewwtte letterrbut is excited about the possiiilities. that brings us oo or questioo - of theeday.do you think olympics? -3&p33 go to fox-baltimore ddt com & and tell us what you think. you can also sound off though at foxbaltimore. anddyou can text your aaswer to 452033 -3 enner fox45a for yes... or 3 3& ravens receivee jacoby joness had a fantastic seaaon thii yyaa.big catchee and even --3&pbiiger sppeial tteas plys... pncluding that 118- yyrd &preturn in the super bowl. & hees... soldifying aatimore'' win... with some innk pnk..ones... sent these pics... on... instagram....// being... a... nee rleans pntiie.../
eeplosion ouuside the u-s embassy in turkey. turrey.who pplice say is behind he ct of terror. 3 3 the standoff in alabama enners day four.. with nooend - in sight.... what w'ere & holding a 5-year-old boy hostage underground. 3 phoughhit was deceetive it was a ot of positive that came out of it. it. p3 the man behind the manti & he says... it was actuallyya ágoodá thhng... and hissother bombshell confession. p3 --adblib weather tz-- & 3 out of turkey tonighhan attack 3 leavee onn person dead... ...and investigators are closing in on the group responnible for theeattack attackit... ttok place inside the securiiy checkpointtat the side entrance of the mbassy in ankkra...the bomb... -3 powerful enough to punch a hole in the building and throw debris into he street one guard was killld, tww others injured. 3&pparney says: "" suicidee - bombing oo the perimeter of an embassy is byydefinition ann act of ttrrro. it ii a terrorist attack." attack." 3 offiiials in turkey identified - this man as the attacker.he's parr of radiccllmarxist roop
paul harvvy's -3 tribute to u-s ffrmerscooper says: foo me personally i really enjoyed the ram ad. i pappas says: i ttink it put & dddge on the mmp as a super pbowl contender forrfuuure & ommercials.still, there wwre saying go daddy dot com upped theegrrss factor.pappas sayy: gambll....bblow the belt if yoo will.cooper says: heyyre getting hammered n social -3 medii. i don't think the ad pretty gross.so whoowassthe - bowl was beyonce. she really crushed it. but certainly the clldesdale foal was a 3&psays: people were just saying i want to give that horse a & ug. jjst to elicit thht kind with he names of he branns, that by ar is he bbst thinn you could possibly hooe for. gangnam styye appee psy making hii ""ebut" last night. ut arr hissfiiteen minutess up?cooper saas: people were kind of stressed out about the blackout and they this ad caam on. it wws kind of un. it kknddof brought the ooo ack up a bit. i've also i've head kind of ridicuuouu.going into the game ollswagen's ad starrrng a midwesserner &psportingga jjmaicaa acent
& jobs back to he u-s and help revive the economy.obamm ays: ""tht's part of the reason i said last niggt it's pime fr increase in minimum &pwwge. if you work full time, you shouldd't be living in - poverty." the president spooe to workers at a reeopened manuffcturing plant &pin north caroliia calling it an example of what could happen if the inimum wage was raised from the currrntt7.25 an hhur to 9-dollarssan hour. while theepresident is on &ptte roaddseeking public support to pressure ongress -- republican lawmakers qickly pusheed acked.boeener sayss - "when you raase the price of employment, guess what happens? you get less of t." gop leaders arr also responding to one oo the most powerful mmments nntuesday's state of the union..when the president called for aavote on ggn legislltion.obama says: deserve a vote. the famiiles fammlies of oakkcreee, and tucson, and blacksburg, and & the countless other -3& communniies ripped open by un violence - thhy deseeve a simpll vote." republiian sayy: "i do wiihhthe & cheerleading wo
to announce... .34- ttousand u- s troops... will be hhme ffom afghanistan... y this time neet yeaa....// frther reduutiins... ill conninue thru... the end f 2014.. / as... afghans ttke eeponsibility for their pwn securrty. p3 you can see... thh state of theeunion addrees live... on fox 45... tom'w night... beginning aa....9--pm...// ttat brinns us tooour question like to hear from the president in his stateeof thee & union address? 3 go to fox-baltimore dottcom you can lso ound off through ffcebook. or send us aa&ptweet.. att oxbaltimore. a... young innovaaor ...froo anne arunnel county... will be among the 3 tonight. 3 thiis.. youtube video ssows... -3 16-year-old ... jack... and-raka....winning yearrs....intel nternaaional scienceeand engineering &pfaar...//.the north county 3 deveeoped a new method... to detect pancreatic ancer../ which proved -3 to be... mooe than 90-percent accurate./ . and... 1000 times more seesstive... thaa current testss...//his wor
....on... how it woulddeffect... the baltimore area... & if u.s...a. meat inssectors don't make the rounds.. production at the & plantsscouud come to a halt. -3 thousandd of workers would not get paid.. eefectingg thousands of families... and that's juss the immediate impact the cuts.. could have. - 3& at the fells point wholesale mmats company.... -nattpop-75 employees begin theii aa..... befooe the ssn rises..... including jim ffazier. "ive bben here for 1 -3 yyars now." like other - employees... he's fearful his job will be effected by potential federal cutbacks. "its veryyfrustrating.. we -&phave familles tt feed -3 portgages tt ay, bills to pay" cutbacks to the department of agricullure could trrckle down.. anddmean cutbackk to usda meat innpectors. 3 meat inspectoos here then we cant ship out.. so we basically shut doon.. which meanssno one wwrkss. and no & one gets paid."(side shot)"i got 75 faaiiies depending on - everything toonnt lettthiss happen."thhs compann has a stellar heelth inspection message for washington &pl
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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